The Back to Love Challenge 
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"I strongly invite you to take part in the Back to Love Challenge. It's a total gamechanger. Since this challenge, I have been more at peace with my body and my mind because I am now able to question my thoughts and know about my own inner power. I now appreciate my wonderful body and can care better for myself."


"This challenge is such a loving way to show up for yourself. To find the heart of who you really are opens our lives to much more opportunity and the wonder of living."


"Sairah has a way of gently urging you forward, with pure love, to find what is within, and to banish what needs to be purged from body mind and spirit. I couldn't recommend this challenge enough. We ALL need to learn self-love in order to lead not just a happy life, but a physically and mentally healthy one."


"Since joining the Back to Love Challenge, I have a deeper understanding of my inner self and I now share a closeness with my body. I feel more comfy in my own body. It almost feels like we're one unit instead of being separate from one another."


"This challenge will help you get to the raw core of your being. The little person inside of you asking for help will be reached, listened to, and hugged in the gentlest way possible."


"Before starting the Back to Love Challenge I had recognized that I was being my own worst critic. Through using the worksheets that were provided by Sairah, and being inspired by other members of the challenge, I was able to catch my negative self-talk when it was happening, and stop it at times."
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